21.7 percent of Kent adults still use tobacco. As providers, you are part of the solution. Talk to your patients about quitting and link them with the tools they need to be successful. 

Links professionals and providers to state tobacco initiatives, provides evidence-based, effective resources and tools to local programs, provides a forum for sharing best practices throughout the state of Maryland.

Fax to Assist is an exciting and convenient way for you to refer your clients to Maryland's Quitline to help them quit smoking. All Maryland healthcare providers and other professionals who are interested in helping their clients quit smoking are eligible and encouraged to use Fax to Assist (although only providers and others who are employed by a HIPAA-covered entity will receive feedback from the Quitline for the clients they refer). 

The Maryland Quitline provides free web/phone/text counseling and nicotine replacement therapy. Special services to pregnant women, and youth (age 13-17). 24-7 support. 

Kent County Health Department offers individual and group counseling and nicotine replacement therapy. Cessation programs are also offered off-site at community locations and businesses. Contact us for more information.